Adulting with ADHD


Adulting With ADHD, tells the real life stories of five adults navigating life with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Peek into the successes, failures, challenges, and triumphs of living with this condition in adulthood beyond the textbook definitions and stereotypes. 

Why this is so important?

Until recently, ADHD has been discussed as a childhood condition describing hyperactive young boys in classrooms bouncing off of walls. Many of those who are given a diagnosis in childhood and adolescence are not provided adequate information regarding the impact of ADHD as they age, and many even assume that it will go away eventually. Most times, this is not the case and adults are caught off guard by a whole new set of challenges than the ones they experienced in childhood. When managed properly, adults can lead successful lives with many creative talents and unique qualities. When it is not addressed, ADHD can lead to increased risk of job loss, drug use, strained relationships, and more.