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 If you are an adult with ADHD who has trouble with starting and/or finishing tasks, prioritizing responsibilities, filtering out distractions, remembering important things, organizing your spaces, or slowing down and being mindful, this podcast is for you.

Parenting with ADHD & Emotional Dysregulation

It can be especially challenging for adults with ADHD to regulate their emotions and naturally the fear is that they won’t be able to model it for their children or that they will perpetuate patterns from their own childhoods…

Organizing your space with ADHD

Kim and Gloria dive into the best ways to get organized as a person with ADHD, where to start, and the types of support that are available for organizing your home.

ADHD Medication FAQ’s for adults

In this episode, I answer all of my audience questions about ADHD medication with Mental Health NP, Valerie Revolus. Valerie currently works in Private Practice as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. 

Podcast reviews

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Acceptance - not perfection

Lishieli , 02/08/2023


Absolutely love Gabriela Blanco and her work. Thank you for the freeing reminder that showing up as a parent for our child is important, but one of the most beautiful pieces of parenting is that we get to learn how to show up for ourselves and our own pain/fear/wounds in tandem.


EAC, LCSW 01/22/2023


So insightful and validating. Gloria and her guest display intense passion and care in this podcast.


Anonymous 4/13/2023


Engaging with a calm interviewing style that makes it easy to listen to. 

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