Welcome, I’m Gloria Joy Sherrod!

I’m a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, author, documentary producer, content creator, mental health educator, and ADHD coach. I have a passion for helping Adults with ADHD live a life that works best for them, find their strengths, accept their weaknesses, and laugh a little along the way. I have helped many overwhelmed professionals, parents, and students navigate their daily lives through addressing executive functioning skills and providing accountability, strategies, and education. 

My journey from therapist to ADHD coach began progressively as I worked in various educational settings from preschool to higher education. I noticed while doing this work that there was a huge gap in information and services for adults who struggled with ADHD symptoms. Most of what I’d find in books and in research was about children. I myself had an inkling that I was one of those adults with ADHD as I struggled through school and work spaces but did not have the resources to address it early on. Eventually, I went on to receive an official diagnosis shortly after my child was diagnosed and life changed completely. This culmination of events led me to becoming the ADHD professional and expert you see today.

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