"ADHD symptoms can easily be mistaken for willful disobedience, which is why it is always important to explore the message a person’s behavior is trying to send us."

– Gloria Joy Sherrod, LCPC

Coaching Packages

8 Week Package

One hour planning meeting at the start
Executive functioning questionnaire analysis
Progress check-ins throughout the week
One 45 minute check-in meeting each week
Ongoing ADHD education
Chat assistance

12-Week ADHD Accountability Group

Developing goals and sharing them with a group of 4 to 6 people
Working through barriers/challenges together
Celebrating wins together
Expert feedback & guidance from an ADHD expert
Weekly check-ins through Zoom

Adult students - $800, 4 monthly payments of $200

begins May 13th
$750 one-time payment
$150 secure spot

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Gloria Joy Sherrod, LCPC

Gloria Joy Sherrod is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, author, documentary producer, content creator, mental health educator, and ADHD coach. She has an innate passion for helping Adults with ADHD live a life that works best for them, find their strengths, accept their weaknesses, and laugh a little along the way. She has helped many overwhelmed professionals, parents, and students navigate their daily lives through addressing executive functioning skills and providing accountability, strategies, and education.

ADHD Consultation

The Three Types of ADHD


This is the "daydreamer." They struggle primarily focusing their attention, remembering directions, organizing, planning, and emotional regulation.

The descriptor of “inattentive” in ADHD can be misleading as it is not that a person cannot focus at all, but that they cannot focus on one thing at once and often become extremely focused on their interests thus neglecting the “boring” parts of life.


A person with this type might be talkative, fidgety, and can often act on impulse.


Some people have both inattentive and combined type. It is also very likely that a person has all 3 of these types as they develop through their lives.

Coaching Reviews

- Robyn

"My biggest ‘aha’ moment was the realization that I work well with accountability. I’m a natural “obliger” and perform better with outer expectations. So coaching with Gloria and also meeting weekly with my husband to go over household finances (an area I struggled with) proved to be very helpful for me. Gloria was very supportive and very understanding of my struggles. She helped me come up with procedures to structure my daily schedule so I can be as accountable to myself as I am to others. This coaching process is perfect for those who feel like they’re struggling to “get things done.” With Gloria’s gentle guidance and her ability to help me come up with my own ways to be more productive, I’ve come a long way in a short period of time."

- Gabrielle

"My biggest "aha" moment was that there is no one approach to coping with ADHD. It can be displayed through characteristics that cause insecurity and can be fueled through a cycle of anxiety. Gloria taught me a lot about myself and how to move forward independently with what she has taught me. Gloria was a great coach to work with because she provided the validation I needed to stay motivated and asked questions about my daily life in order to ensure the approach we applied during coaching was useful. Even if i could not uphold my goals, I never felt reprimanded. There was always an understanding and a conversation on how we could better adjust our approach and help me find motivation through affirmations/spiritual practice or other external resources."


"My biggest “aha” moment was that it’s okay to try different methods of organization and it may be most helpful to have different ways of doing things to keep it fresh. Gloria is a great listener and she thinks of the simplest solutions to problems that you’re having with keeping your life together. The coaching process is perfect for anyone to be honest, but someone who knows what they’re looking to accomplish and need a helping hand will probably like it the most."


"My biggest "aha" moment was realizing that whatever plan we started to work on could be modified to my needs and there are countless creative ways to work with ADHD - I don't need to struggle with a generic plan, I can manipulate the steps to work for me. I have never worked with a professional that validated my experiences more than Gloria - she has a vast understanding of ADHD, how different each person's experience with it is, and the need for individually tailored approaches. This coaching is perfect for anyone that has struggled with conventional learning methods, consistent time management, or maintaining a budget, with an ADHD diagnosis or not."


"My biggest aha moment for me was defining being lazy and being on the ADHD spectrum. It really sunk in that I am not lazy and the struggles I have effect more of how I make choices. Gloria is very patient, helpful, and kind. She gave me safe space to vocalize my concerns about how I approach things. I think anyone and everyone. It's a good place to start."